We will happily be celebrating our 14 year anniversary at the Boulder Creek Quality Inn & Suites this March.  Wow, it has been a great 14 years!  We are honored to say that we have several team members who have been with us the whole time, which is such a pleasure within itself.   During that time we’ve completed many additional upgrades throughout the property, added amenities and services for our guests, became a multi-award winning property and implemented an impressive list of green initiatives.

Built in 1960, current owners Burt and Andria Lewis purchased the hotel in 1999 with renovations in 2000, 2005, 2011, 2013.  They take great pride in the service and product they provide to our guests.  It is and has always been of the upmost importance to them.

Throughout the years, with the times a changing, we have engaged in the social media scene, the review sites, the ever changing world of websites, and even a blog!  New innovative products have been put in place and some of the benchmarks of the hotel have been unchanged like our quality of service, integrity, passion and teamwork.

There have been many accomplishments we have been very proud to receive, celebrations with the team that our memorable, milestones we’ve hit and hurdles we’ve jumped.

Here’s to looking towards the future…cheers!


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