Kaizen is the Japanese word for “improvement or change for the better”. The general manager of our property really found a connection with this word and passed it along to the owners of the hotel, the team members within the hotel as well as the hotel’s sister properties. Everyone was equally as impressed with the word and its meaning. It is what we as team members of Lewis Properties believe in and apply to our work. How can we improve our guest experience? How can we improve the Hotel? How can we improve ourselves? Think about it…what effect would these changes have on our guests, ourselves and our hotel? If we are constantly working on improving ourselves, we should in theory be happier, healthier and more efficient. No doubt that this would carry over to our work and accordingly onto our guests impacting their overall stay at our property. The owners firmly believe in constantly improving upon the hotel itself, by investing into the property for improvements, renovations, amenities and enhancing green initiatives. These changes again positively impact the guest experience, the work atmosphere and our environment. If a guest needs anything – what can we do as ambassador of the hotel? Accommodating their needs and having a strong commitment to service would absolutely improve their stay. We in turn feel gratification for being able to help a guest. Moreover, every time a person tries to improve themselves or make a change for the better the impact will go deeper than just that individual. We need to remember the “trickle down” effect that happens and that any change for the better is a great thing. It’s obvious- Kaizen.

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