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Scenic Drives

Colorado is full of lovely scenic drives.

Drive up Flagstaff Mountain: 3.7 miles, 10 minutes

Just west of downtown, the winding road up the mountain provides stunning panoramic views of Boulder, Denver, and the eastern plains after a beautiful drive or a strenuous bike ride. There are many picnic tables just off the road where you can park and walk for a few minutes and find yourself in a relatively quiet and secluded area. Flagstaff Mountain also has mountain bike trails and popular climbing routes, as well as the Summit Nature Center (open weekends in the summer) and an outdoor amphitheater. The Flagstaff House, one of Boulder’s most upscale restaurants, is also situated on Flagstaff Mountain, which affords it incredible views and quite a romantic atmosphere.

Follow the Boulder Creek through Boulder Canyon: 16.7 miles, 28 minutes

Colorado’s Boulder Creek passes through a significant change in landscape as it flows downhill toward the city of Boulder. Between Barker Reservoir in the west, and the Boulder city limits in the east, the creek flows through Boulder Canyon. Closely following the creek’s path is Boulder Canyon Drive, a mountainous highway that meanders through the foothills. Stop at Boulder Falls.

Lefthand Canyon: 19.8 miles, 39 minutes

Take Lefthand Canyon Road from Boulder to Ward.

Sources for scenic drives include:

Click here for detailed descriptions of scenic drives near Boulder and across Colorado.

Great motorcycle rides around Boulder that can be enjoyed in your car too!

If you are on bicycle, refer to this page for the 68km Sunshine Canyon Loop from Boulder, Colorado.


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