Our property, although it has been continuously updated, is 70 years old.  The charm and quaintness that comes along with an older property is wonderful.  We appreciate being able to offer all of the modern conveniences while still holding onto some history and charisma.  We have updated our lobby area, our breakfast room, our guest rooms, our pool and more.  However, there is one blank canvas on our property.

 As we were walking the dogs one day, we noticed how this area had not been updated.   There is nothing wrong with it- it is a back exterior wall of the building which partially faces our parking lot.  Although it is painted and well maintained, it is just…blank.  The owner of our hotel had a brilliant idea and thought to herself- we should have a mural painted on it!  We all agreed and thought it was great.  Whereas, the mural contest began…

 We are currently searching to find someone to cover our “blank canvas” with their permanent artwork.  We thought about what message we want to mural to convey (this was simply obvious)- Boulder scenery and the environment- as we take great pride in continually improving on our green initiatives.  .  We also thought it should include our beloved Samantha Lewis (another owner, who just happens to have four legs!).  Now that we had the plan- we just had to determine a prize and create the flyer to promote.

$350 cash prize and a Bouldergetaway including overnight accommodations at the award-winning Boulder Creek Quality Inn & Suites and a bottle of wine and dinner sounded good to us.  We also thought how wonderful it would be for the chosen artist to receive credit and in some of our advertisements with their artwork, as well as on our social media pages.   Now to determine a deadline- the artist will be chosen on August 13th and although somewhat flexible, we would like the mural to be finalized by about August 25th.

The winner will be chosen after reviewing all artwork entries submitted in jpg or pdf format to info@qualityinnboulder.com.  We will choose the one that best fits our theme. 

Local art supply stores were more than generous to help us promote by leaving flyers on their stations- for that we want to thank you!

 So get you ideas together, scratch them down and here’s to happy painting!


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