Poinsettias, a favorite holiday plant; a symbol of that magical and celebrated time of year when the red & green foliage adorns table centerpieces, holiday wreaths and maybe even a design on that ugly Christmas sweater!  We, in a tradition with decorating our property, have always purchased fresh poinsettias.  We place them about in our lobby and always look forward to putting them out and adding the final touch to our décor.  However…this year just two days after purchasing the poinsettias, two of our larger plants (which looked beautiful when at the store) suddenly became wilted and cheerless- really bringing the whole lobby down.  We are scratching our heads as to how this could have happened.  Our only thought was that maybe during the night they were too close to our windows and it got a little colder than our poinsettias would have preferred.  We did some internet research to see if there is a chance to saving these plants.  Our research found that with lots of water and the right temperature we may be able to bring them back! Although we thought we were already providing them plenty of water and warmth, we must have missed something.  We have temporarily moved the poinsettias from the lobby into an office, where they can hopefully recover.  The really odd part is that all of the other plants purchased not only look great, but are actually thriving.


I guess my final thought is…well I hope they come back.


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